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The "Masters"

Nov 04, 1996 05:52 AM
by Michael

Dear Mark,
Be assured that you have at least one supporter in this group to share your
serious questions.
 I have raised these also in the group especially in regard to other
critical works such as "Madame Blavatsky, the woman behind the myth" by
Marion Meade (ISBN 0-399-12376-8). I have never been under the impression,
however, that the authors had much affinity to spirituality and therefore
were ill-equipped to assess spiritual philosophy .

My impression is that participants in this discussion-group have at least
the common sense to admit that we are dealing with a Theosophical myth -
that of the Masters. Although Spiritualism is frowned upon in these circles,
being of a lower order, Mme Blavatsky's life can only be appreciated if one
is conversant with the phenomena of communication and presences. We have no
proof that the "Masters" were not fragments of HPB's personality, or if they
were entities, who tells us that they did not present themselves according
to popular demand as Masters? One has only to follow the primitive
commucations of the Brotherhood of Luxor, Egypt, to those of the Himalayas
to see a striking development. It is a pity that, as far as I know, never a
hand-writing expert analysed the letters in the British Museum library.

Most members of this group have taken a step towards truth, but the question
is whether we are prepared to take the ultimate one, to return to the
original aim of the Theosophical society, and by-pass  HPB's or her Masters'
interpretation of Eastern philosophy.
I hail HPB's Theosophy as a religious belief-system for the masses. Its myth
has brought many, including myself, towards a spiritual path. Ultimately we
will have to cut ourselves loose from its nineteenth century's approach to
the unknown.
I agree, though, with its spiritual aims of self-sacrifice, compassion and
transcendence, which are universal and to be found in any mystical
tradition. I welcome our getting  nearer  the theosophy of western mystics -
a knowledge of God through direct apprehension and inner communication.
I have dealt with some of the aspects raised above on my web-pages.

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