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Re: A Serious Question

Nov 02, 1996 05:37 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Art House wrote:

> I thought the whole point of this list was to be able to freely discuss
> these things?

	Surely. That's is why it is called unmoderated/censored. Let us
continue to discuss as we all have done in the past.

> It's a valid question considering the facts. There were a lot of dubious
> activities that went into the foundation of the TS. I was just wondering
> (because I am struggling with it myself) how some of the members in
> longstanding might have reconciled the dirty laundry? (i.e, the
> "cabinet", the supposed apports that had assistance behind the scenes,
> the "miraculous" apparitions of the Masters by means of parlor tricks
> and puppetry, to say nothing of the long sucession of questionable
> "letters" that were bandied about to support everything and everybody's
> point of view in the grabs for power that went on... I mean, really,
> what if I just said that Master Morya was making me ask this question,
> and that If pressed, would produce a letter to prove it,... would that
> make it any easier to talk about this?)

	The production of the letters has been discussed rather
extensively and all the evidence points out to  the authenticity of the

> There was some wool-pulling that went on, and now, all these years
> later, I just wonder how those in longstanding feel about "the pie in
> the sky" vs "the mud on the boots?"  A serious question, and not for the
> meek. It does indeed reach down to the very footings.
> The replies so far have been interesting.
> God Bless Free Speech!
> M


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