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Re: What is worthwhile?

Nov 19, 1996 08:20 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <961118223107_74024.3352_BHT251-2@CompuServe.COM>, joseph k
price <74024.3352@CompuServe.COM> writes
>Which brings up the question, if you really were enlightened, wouldn't you just
>chop wood,  carry water, gaze at the tree in the garden, walk on and keep your
>mouth shut!

I think you are right here, Keith.  However, in the Xtian tradition
(with which I am most familiar), the "better mousetrap" still seems to
operate.  Some holy man gets enlightened, goes off into the desert or
into the mountains to sit in a cave alone, and the bastards find him and
want to be taught.  Because he cares, he teaches, gets famous, and
(maybe) wishes he weren't so enlightened.  And while I think of it, this
has been the case with a few women as well, notwithstanding the *heavy*
patriarchialism of Christianity.

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