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What is worthwhile?

Nov 18, 1996 02:31 PM
by joseph k price

I  get the feeling that Krishnamurti possibly could have been finding his
running of an organization and people's grand expectations of him to be
too much, and that also influenced his dissolution of the organization.
However, it is pretty presumptuous of him to think that it is in his
power to set all of us "absolutely, unconditionally free."


Keith: A wake up call perhaps for many of us TTT.  I think Krishnamurti was
having greatness "forced" on him and wasn't sure he wanted to live up to the
PATH others like AB and Leadbeatter had so carefully set out for him.  He wanted
to be free.  He felt his own call to greatness after or during his brother's
illness and death.  He was genuinely reborn into a new awareness of the
greatness and limitation of being merely human and trying to be a spiritual

But somebody will lead and some will follow.  That bumper sticker, lead, follow
or get out or the way __ I hate it, because it is some kind of moral, practical
and ultimately "spiriutal" imperative in that we are forced to make choices -
we will exercise what little free will we have by:

1.  trying to lead, convince, cajole, exhort, manipulate, influence etc.
2.   willing to chose to follow someone or something we hope will lead us in a
worthwhile direction, or 2. 3.   submiting to fate and "willy-nilly" (Hey, I
like that term!) get run over, duped, used, crushed, victimized (but not escape
one iota, not one pinch, not one soucon, not one shitty particle of KARMIC

Leaders have to take the heat, even if it is openly "mean-spirited", ad hominen,
cheap, dirty, cruel, viscious, racist, sexist, childish, and all the other
things we learned in kindergarten.  All I ever needed to know I learned in
kindergarten: the good, the bad and the ugly!

Leaders at what ever level like Krishnamurti, John ALgeo, HPB, Jesus, Buddha,
Bill Clinton have accepted the fact that they will be abused and hated (unfairly
even) sometimes.

Jesus wasn't psychic so much as realistic in thinking that they would hunt him
down and kill him if he claimed to be homo superior, more evolved, above the law

Which brings up the question, if you really were enlightened, wouldn't you just
chop wood,  carry water, gaze at the tree in the garden, walk on and keep your
mouth shut!  I guess that is the difference between being enlightened and being
filled with Necessity to feel and create art, even if it is bad art.

Keith Price

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