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Theosophy and Cabalah - Allah Cabal

Nov 13, 1996 08:29 AM
by joseph k price

Conspiracies, some open and some hidden are seen as the unwatchable hand of
Fate.  So many NOW quote the Rubiyat "the moving finger writes, and having
written, moves on".  Scarey!    (shudder!)

If one looks, one can see the handwriting of the wall, but through a glass
darkly.  Free will seems ever more an illusion in the mesmerizing hand of those
that point fingers and tell lies.  Can you trust even a Zen master.  I'm told
they sell the answer to koans to aspiring monks these days, because eveyone
knows power, position and prestige are for the PLAYERs not the FOOLS.

To give Capracorn his due, John Algeo does have a lot to say in the current AT
about being Happy where you are, blooming where you are planted, and realizing
that Oz is write where you are, no wizards are necessary, no inch allahs, no
cabals, no castle in the sky, no knight in gnostic army, no sacred animals, no
good and bad witches, no munchkins and no Toto (well, maybe Toto).

Who would we all be, with out Toto yapping at our ass, causing us to bump our
wiley head and get sucked into a maelstrom of intruiguing je ne sais qua,
porquoi?  I want to be a Magician, but am only a fool, a zero, a jokester in a
chaotically misdealeed deck and who will help poor ALice put the egg back
together again. The mirror crack'd and there are seven days of bad luck all to
the good.  Like a moth to a flame the Holy Spirit warms and moves where it will.
I would seek to hold it in my hand for just an hour to do what I would, but the
power of love is fickle as a finger of fate. What vessel could hold the secret
to the desire of the inner heart to see the Face and not the Hand.  To see face
to face, eye to eye, hand in glove, sword in scabbard, gun in holster are games
only a child dare play, only they would know, to will, to dare and listen to the
voice of the silence.

Keith Price

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