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Servants of the MASTERS or DUPES?

Nov 13, 1996 09:10 AM
by joseph k price

Vultures or Owls?  Angels or Daiemons?  Aeons or Ions?  Masters or Servants?
Apes or Dupes?

Sometimes I fear that what we call the Masters are Dupes themselves of something
beyond even them.  Dupes of evil or duplicates of ultimate good.  We are not in
the mode of being in above the small moment into the large moment that can see
the grand schema embedded in the virus like meme, meme chose.  Are they the same
thing?  Is this the ultimate horror or the ulitmate bliss?

If you look and listen, you might hear things you don't want too?  There is
nothing funny or mystical about say - heroine addiction -but what about the
heroine who climbs Mount Everest because it is there or Mount Meru or scales
Shamballah - or settles for a sham allah of exstasy in pill form, digitized
sexual craving raving mavens of madness and minions of what strange eye,what the
hammer what the scale, what the armour, what the mail.  Tyger, typer burning
bright in the forest of the night,  What immortal hand or eye could frame thy
fearful symmetry.  Fearful symmeatry, chaotic, devouring beauty that eats the
soul like an addiction that anesthetizes before it bleeds one of life in such a
soothing, cooing rush of sensation and surge of influx, outgo.

Are we bringing up or down energies?  Who can control the power of love and
warmth and light.  Did the Atlanteans get to this stage and consciously destroy
themselves, because they realized that they were the dupes of some mad feeding
God whose love demands such fearful sacrifice.  A tyger is not domestic
pussybutt a feline galore. The fear of God is a terrible thing, but only in the
heightened state of expectation, ready to pounce or be pounced upon can one feel
the Presense invisible, sensual, delightful beyond all chemical intoxication to
a state of alchemical - no chemical - all chemicals - all energies -  all light
in edgey darkness.

Am I channeling Kerouac or what?
THe room is filled with the sound of left bank Channel NO.5 and "Let's Get Lost"
Jazz - Let's not get lost - Let's get found!
Keith Price

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