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Theosophy, children and spriteuality - To Barney Fife cum Laude

Nov 13, 1996 09:40 AM
by joseph k price

I love you! You love me! _ sings the purple dinosaur.  Purple is warm and fuzzy
and spiritual like a water logged sprite, the repitilian gaze of Barney is like
a Fife, a piped piper songe of peace as respite from a troubled school yard of
predetor being in young humanoid bodies.

I drive by the schoolyards in my neighbors and try to love the children from a
distance.  But it often brings mixed feelings.  I am not sure how they feel.  So
many have a gang like hardness, like they are no longer children, but little
bullies in the making of big executives, and those are the girls!

They seem to call to me with strange gestures, but turn to scratch the dirt in
my face as if they enjoy my presence, but loathe my softness, my receptivity, my
generosity of longing for a kinder gentler face of a child.

Perhaps, if I had my own children, I could get closer to the TRUTH of the
spirituality of young people, to see the kinders in the garten of eden before
the fruit of the tree spoiled so many games and dreamy summer revels in the
splendor in the grass.   To remember the smell of grass and dirt and childhood
sweat as we played hide and seek, hot and cold, peek and boo.  Maybe Freud was
right about the latent years of touch football and sandlot baseball.  The
halcyon days of soda and pretzels and bears.  There was such a communion of
souls under the sun, quickly lost with teenage sturm and drang.

I don't see how all the parenting skill workshops, daycare centers, abortion
counselling, condoms in kindergarten and sexual harrasment charges against
pulling pigtails will help all this and bring back my DAYS OF HEAVEN.  Do you?
As far a cyber sex goes, I say only for those well over 18.  I wonder if the
sperm and egg DNA information can be digitized?  Imagine impregnating everyone
on the internet the way you get all those junk mail, MAKE MONEY FAST, e-mail

I wonder if there is a sperm bank cum dating service on the internet yet, where
you can pick your mate with appropriate web page graphics, overnight a sperm
sample  and have a surrogate mother.   Cyberparents, what a concept.   It could
make babies, it could make money?  Who knows?!

Keith Price

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