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Liposuction, Tit lifting and Spirituality

Nov 13, 1996 08:14 AM
by joseph k price

I understand, and Enui- ing minds want to know these things, that Dolly and
Roseanne, those huge personalities we all know and love, are involved with the
latest Hollywood craze that combines the cabala, astrology, tarot, Atlantis,
aliens and probably the spirit of Ed Wood.

Rabbi's are called into to discuss the benifts of liposuction around the second
chakra, enlarging the engourged first chakra and a double dose of reshifted
energy to the pectoral heart areas.  Psychic surgery is performed on the face
area giving all a great sense of inner beauty, serenity and sense of interior
design not to mention an added 10% to the Master agents.

I am trying to be high-minded about the whole thing, but art, spirituality and
commerce are always a high-powered trance like rave mix. It worked for centuries
for the Catholic Church.

Testosterone skin patches, hair lines and electorlysis are only the beginning of
the new more spiritual STAR.

To be soulful, one MUST simply look the part and have the cash are you can't
schmooze with all the really gnowing people at Planet Hollywood.  Isn't for
nothing that the first Krotona and theosophical ourreach missions were sent to
Babylon by the Sea.  A Picture IS worth a 1000 words for sure.

I wonder if they are going to transmute all this into a golden enterprise on the
silvered screen.
If you look like Dolly and joked like Roseanne, who wouldn't beat a path to your
I say traverse those paths girls and let your love shine.  The world awaits that
earthy comedy that has an air of firey tears.  I am staying glued to
Entertainment Tonight.  What the Cabala did for OJ, hey!, it could work for us

Keith Price

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