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The Men who Fell to Earth - Paridiso Perdido Perfecto

Nov 13, 1996 07:18 AM
by joseph k price

Very soon, the President of the United States will address the
Nation. He will tell us that Extraterrestrial life exists - not
merely bacteria from Mars, but living, sentient beings. It will be a
very difficult speech to give. There is no way to predict how a world
will react to the undeniable fact that we have been visited by
strangers from another planet.  But that is not all...

The events that we have viewed tell us that one day soon the visitors
from somewhere else will fly openly in our skies. They will make
themselves known, not because any one of us humans requests it, but
because there are beings in trouble living on our planet. Our Martian
story told how a volcano would erupt, and endanger the lives of
Martians living on our planet. We have viewed what happens next, and it
is amazing.

Ships will appear, flown by the group of Extraterrestrials that we call
the "Greys." They will rescue as many Martians and humans as they can from
the disaster. The whole world will see.

The Greys will fly their ships over our skies,
letting us know that we are not alone.
They will not harm us.

At the end of this story, you can read sessions from professional
viewers at The Farsight Institute. We are sharing all the information
that we receive because these events are of great importance. We are
not interested in using these sessions as prediction devices. Remote
viewing is a real phenomenon, and has been studied intensively for
years. It is our hope that we can help educate the planet.
Most of the sessions are scary. They show a world not ready to
accept strangers from another place. They show economic collapse,
militia activity, government mistrust, and riots.

Because the visitors are about to attack us?

Because we, as humans, can't even accept ourselves, let alone another

Can we change the timeline? Yes. It takes education, effort, and a
lot of hope and love. It can be done. But we can't make decisions for

Our goal is to inform you of what we view. Through our work, we have
discovered that we are no different from the beings who will soon
appear. We all exist in ways that we don't realize - in dimensions
and times hidden. We can learn to communicate with other beings, and
in doing so, we are learning who we really are, and what our place
in the Universe is.

All of humanity is on the brink of discovering much more about
ourselves that we can even conceive is possible. We are also on the
brink of self-destruction. Taking one small step to welcome new
friends is one giant leap from destruction and one giant leap towards
amazing growth and discovery.

Keith:  Things like the above are being circulated on the internet, TV and
radio.  We are told by HPB in the SD that we are the composite beings born of
the intermingling of strains from several ET lines including the Agnisvattas or
FIRE LORDS OF MIND and the Barhishads or the VAMPIRE SHELLS OF THE MOON Who gave
us our gross foamy bodies.  ALso we are heirs to the divine monadic esssence.

Which bodies do we identify with?  Most of life seems a constant stuggle to pay
bills, pay taxes, pay the cable bill, pay credit card debt and keep our vehicles
inspected and in working order.  What an order, I can't go through with it much
less realize my higher mind much less my DIVINE self.   Yet events force
greatness on us all.  If you met Jesus today, what would you say to him?  If you
met a GREY from a distant planet system, what would you say to him?  Would they
be different and why?

I am afraid that if I say either, I would check out the fashion statement first.
Does Jesus dress like Jesus?  How is his haircut?  Are his sandals shiney or
dirty?  Does he have a Ph. D.?  Same for Mr. Grey ?  I would have to gaze into
those almond eyes and press the flesh of that repetillian skin and then probably
dismiss him as just another bad special effect?

The 90's are hard on all us.  We seem so hard to scare or impress because our
hair is already on fire?

What would you say to Jesus if he looked like Mr. Grey from the Pleides?  "GET A

Keith Price

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