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Powerful Search Software

Nov 13, 1996 05:32 AM
by MK Ramadoss


One of the frequently needed facility is to search your hard disk to
locate a file or a message or a spreadsheet based on one or more words.
To search info on Internet data bases, there  are several search
engines. One of the well known is Altavista.

The power of Altavista is being brought to our desktop. Here is a
message I pickedup.
I am going to try the software since I have several megs of theos-xxxx
messages in addition to various other files.

Even with text files, searching by Altavista will help. Take for
example, if we have SD on Disk, Alta Vista can help search by one or
more words.

You may want to download the beta copy for free and try it. I think one
would need a fast machine to do the indexing and searching.

MK Ramadoss

> ---------------------------------------------------
> Your Very own AltaVista - Powerful Local Searching
> ---------------------------------------------------
>  The larger hard drives of today mean more data storage. Increased
>  storage generally means more files. With more files, well, finding
>  things can be that much tougher....unless you have AltaVista Search
>  My Computer Private eXtension software. Fast and powerful, the new
>  software makes finding information on your Windows 95 and NT
>  systems a breeze. Using the same interface as the AltaVista
>  Internet search service, Search My Computer Private eXtension can
>  automatically build a full word index of all your HTML documents,
>  with additional support for more than 200 file types, including
>  Lotus, Microsoft, Word Perfect and more. Index your Word documents,
>  Eudora email messages and attachments, pretty well anything you
>  want -- quickly, and easily. Priced at $29.95 (U.S$), it will be
>  available for downloading from the web on December 5th, or through
>  resellers on December 16th. For those that can't wait, and want to
>  save money, order through the AltaVista Visionary Club before
>  November 18th and this gem will be yours for $19.95.
>  AltaVista, Web: Visionary
>  Club: Phone: 800-
>  336-7890

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