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Re: Perfected?

Nov 27, 1996 04:18 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "Patrick Alessandra Jr."
<> writes
>     By definition a Master or Mahatma is perfected in relation to the
>human experience.  When the basic rules of discipleship (as illustrated
>in the book "The Voice of the Silence" for example) are followed the
>evidence follows also.

I challenege your definition and ask you to support it, and not with
more "proof by assertion." Maha = great; Atma = spirit.  Mahatma = great
spirit.  That doesn't mean perfection, although it does suggest greater
"advancement."  What are "the basic rules of discipleship?"  Why should
we need to be "disciples" of anyone in the first place?  A disciple is
someone who folows a discipline.  Self-discipline can also serve us
well.  Christian disciples follow Christina teachings, Buddhist
disciples Buddhist teaching, Hindu disciples hindu teaching, etc., etc.

So what is so special about the VOS?

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