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Nov 26, 1996 07:30 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "Patrick Alessandra Jr."
<> writes
>> Your claim to copyright in this work is illegal.  Subscribers please
>> note that no permission from anyone is required to republish this
>> letter.
>     The accusation of illegality is false.  Email posts are always
>copyrightable.  The letter can be found in many places and if someone
>wants to use it for some reason other than non-profit goodwill then they
>can find it from some other source.

Your post is copyright.  Works that you quote are either copyright by
the author, or the author's estate, or after 50 years from the death of
the author (USA) or 70 years (Europe).  You could only claim copyright
on a quotation if you had inherited the copyright thereto.  Consult your
public library, or ask any writers' or authors' organisation.

Please cease to claim copyright in works in the pubic domain. I will
complain EVERY TIME you do so.  As JRC has pointed out in another post,
your claims for various ideas are, as I understand him, based upon very
little or indeed any evidence.
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