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Re: Elections and Compassion

Nov 06, 1996 01:49 PM
by Art House

Happy holidays!  Tried to visit your web site.  However, I can=92t seem t=
get into it.  Try again later.  In response to your response:

TTT said:
> Listen to
> your questioners with heart and mind, and respond in like.

Ann said:
>I listen and respond as it best suits me.  If
>it is not to your liking, then that is something you are going
>to have chalk up as another quirky part of the cyber-universe
>that you cannot control or condescend to.

Ouch!!!!  Ma nose just went r-r-rolling down da hill!  I=92m sorry if the
impression you got was one of censorship.  By all means, everyone should
be able to verbalize in whichever way they chose.  The theosophy list
would be tedious if it was all theosophist book writers, all snippy
commentators, all questioners, or all beginners.  Being green, I read
comments by Paul and Tim with great interest, got a good chuckle out of
Chuckie, and enjoyed the variety of response.  Maybe there is a web site
that is only for people who=92ve studied Theosophy their whole life, but
that should probably be harder to access than paying a fee (a Myst like
entrance game that requires theosophy solutions?).  My comment about
listening to your questioners was more for people like me, who only
started reading about this stuff.  Wouldn=92t you or any other
theosophists be interested in creating an environment that would welcome
anybody midly interested in theosophy, and perhaps help him/her in
his/her search?  Or would you rather just dismiss him/her as ignorant
and send him/her on his/her merry way?

Kym and Gertrude,

Kym said:
>I know I sound like the b-word tonight.  Well, I feel like the b-word to=
night. .
>To hell with stepping on the "testicles" with a spiked high heel, I thin=
k a
>combat boot is in order.

Gertrude said:
>The spiked heel is more piercing and precise!

I probably missed something, but I was offended by the stepping on
testicles comment.  Mark told me that it was an innocuous running joke.=20
Until I understand what=92s up, would it be an innocuous running joke if
it was reversed using the female body part?  History of female
oppression does not excuse hostility toward the male sex.  Having worked
in a very small office, I=92ve witnessed plenty of jokes with underlying
hostility toward women, races and religions. I refuse to accept that it
is okay to repeat those jokes, general acceptance or not.  There are
plenty of other ways to get good laughs. =20

I agree that the world is male dominated, and that many atrocities have
been committed by men.

Ann wrote:
>The other question I'd like to bring up, as long as I'm here,
>is that I've been amazed for some time that the American=20
>Congress, which is overwhelmingly populated with the
>male of the species, has so much to say about things like=20
>abortion, school funding, health care, etc.  Even on this
>list, there is a majority of males, making discussion of=20
>these type of issues rather lop-sided, in my mind.  The
>females and the children need to be heard in greater
>numbers than they have been in the past.

Gertrude wrote:
>Since I'm writing this on election night in the USA, please excuse any f=
>of rage, since I am filled with little else this night.  Yes, I do belie=
>the politicians are partly to blame, however, especially in the USA, we
>could vote these malevolent humans out. . .but instead, we either don't =
>out to vote (a sign of intellectual and civil laziness) or we re-elect t=
>(congresses) who would continue the war on women, children, the poor,
>immigrants, and the minorities.  Americans whine and whine about how
>horrible the world is, but give them the chance to restore compassion. .
>.forget it.  And America is considered one of the most "religious" place=
s on
>earth, of course.

However, with the population of the U.S. being at least 50% female, you
can=92t just focus on those =93testicles.=94  Who=92s to blame?  It=92s a=
that powerful women such as Elizabeth Dole and Hillary Clinton cannot
run for President under such environment.  Don=92t forget that there have
been women in power in various countries who turned out to be like their
male counterparts, advocating war and ignoring the women and children.

Gertrude wrote:
>Doesn't look like they want to hear from us for a while still.  Of cours=
>with there being such a ruckus over changing a word "brotherhood" in
>Theosophy, I don't see any other changes we may ask for in the world com=
>any easier.  If some Theosophists have such trouble "getting it". . .wel=
>so it goes.

If the men still don=92t listen, just keep on making noise!  For everyone
who held their head between their hands woeing about the condition of
the world, how about starting with small deeds?  Can=92t control the


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