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Re: Tedious

Nov 06, 1996 05:34 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Ann, a friend, commented yesterday that she found the whole
>subject of the Masters' reality tedious.  Although in fact I
>have come to the same point after years of devoted attention, I
>question the wisdom of saying such things on the list.  Saying
>"I find this discussion tedious" is what
>psychologically-oriented friends of mine call a "shut-down
>remark."  The implication is, "And boring me is against the
>rules, so drop it."

I have never been so hurt by anyone's post than yours.
I spent weeks posting privately with you and listening to
the problems between you and TS because of your book.

Yet, somehow, you have misconstrued my remark to make
it sound like I was asking the list to stop discussing the Masters.
Since the day I logged on Theos-l, it has never been of topic
of interest with me and I have stated that before, but that is
strictly a personal opinion.  When we
were debating gender-neutral language, Doss posted that
he thought it time for us to move onto other things and
someone chided him for that.  The someone who is
usually doing that chiding is the person who has an
intense interest or personal stake in the subject and
doesn't want it dropped.  I suppose I struck a nerve
when I said that it was tedious to me, while you
were probably just wheeling down
the runway with it and ready to take off.

I assure you that I had no intention of sabotaging
your discussion of the Masters or your book.
My opinions are strictly my own and only pertain
to my interests.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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