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Elections and Compassion

Nov 05, 1996 08:27 PM
by kymsmith

Ann wrote:

>Millions of children on this planet are going hungry and
>many women are agonizing whether they can support another
>child.  Yet many politicians and so-called leaders are more
>interested in amassing personal wealth and power than
>caring for their own people.  Even in the USA, this is true.

Since I'm writing this on election night in the USA, please excuse any fits
of rage, since I am filled with little else this night.  Yes, I do believe
the politicians are partly to blame, however, especially in the USA, we
could vote these malevolent humans out. . .but instead, we either don't turn
out to vote (a sign of intellectual and civil laziness) or we re-elect those
(congresses) who would continue the war on women, children, the poor,
immigrants, and the minorities.  Americans whine and whine about how
horrible the world is, but give them the chance to restore compassion. .
.forget it.  And America is considered one of the most "religious" places on
earth, of course.

>The other question I'd like to bring up, as long as I'm here,
>is that I've been amazed for some time that the American
>Congress, which is overwhelmingly populated with the
>male of the species, has so much to say about things like
>abortion, school funding, health care, etc.  Even on this
>list, there is a majority of males, making discussion of
>these type of issues rather lop-sided, in my mind.  The
>females and the children need to be heard in greater
>numbers than they have been in the past.

Doesn't look like they want to hear from us for a while still.  Of course,
with there being such a ruckus over changing a word "brotherhood" in
Theosophy, I don't see any other changes we may ask for in the world coming
any easier.  If some Theosophists have such trouble "getting it". . .well,
so it goes.

Pure Compassion is sure having a rough go of it.

I know I sound like the b-word tonight.  Well, I feel like the b-word tonight. .
To hell with stepping on the "testicles" with a spiked high heel, I think a
combat boot is in order.


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