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On the Mahatma Letters and Handwriting experts

Nov 05, 1996 07:58 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

On Theos-l, Michael writes:

> It is a pity that, as far as I know, never a
>hand-writing expert analysed the letters in the British Museum library.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Vernon Harrison?  He is the handwriting expert
who examined the original MSS of the Mahatma Letters and stated in 1986
that in his professional opinion, HPB did not write the Mahatma Letters.
This assessement was originally published in the Journal of the S.P.R. [London]
and has been repeated in various Theosophical journals and in other
Harrison's findings are covered in Sylvia Cranston's biography of HPB.  K. Paul
Johnson also briefly mentions Harrison on p. 175 of his THE MASTERS REVEALED.
I could say more but will save it for a later posting.

Daniel Caldwell

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