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Re: Elections and Compassion

Nov 06, 1996 08:28 AM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996 wrote:

> Ann wrote:
> >Millions of children on this planet are going hungry and
> >many women are agonizing whether they can support another
> >child.  Yet many politicians and so-called leaders are more
> >interested in amassing personal wealth and power than
> >caring for their own people.  Even in the USA, this is true.
> Since I'm writing this on election night in the USA, please excuse any fits
> of rage, since I am filled with little else this night.  Yes, I do believe
> the politicians are partly to blame, however, especially in the USA, we
> could vote these malevolent humans out. . .but instead, we either don't turn
> out to vote (a sign of intellectual and civil laziness) or we re-elect those
> (congresses) who would continue the war on women, children, the poor,
> immigrants, and the minorities.  Americans whine and whine about how
> horrible the world is, but give them the chance to restore compassion. .
> .forget it.  And America is considered one of the most "religious" places on
> earth, of course.
> >The other question I'd like to bring up, as long as I'm here,
> >is that I've been amazed for some time that the American
> >Congress, which is overwhelmingly populated with the
> >male of the species, has so much to say about things like
> >abortion, school funding, health care, etc.  Even on this
> >list, there is a majority of males, making discussion of
> >these type of issues rather lop-sided, in my mind.  The
> >females and the children need to be heard in greater
> >numbers than they have been in the past.
> Doesn't look like they want to hear from us for a while still.  Of course,
> with there being such a ruckus over changing a word "brotherhood" in
> Theosophy, I don't see any other changes we may ask for in the world coming
> any easier.  If some Theosophists have such trouble "getting it". . .well,
> so it goes.
> Pure Compassion is sure having a rough go of it.
> I know I sound like the b-word tonight.  Well, I feel like the b-word tonight. .
> To hell with stepping on the "testicles" with a spiked high heel, I think a
> combat boot is in order.

So this your exclusive brand of Brotherhood of humanity leaving out
corrupt politicians, arrogant males, and other kinds of harmful insects,

OK, I got it.

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