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Re: Opportunity of 1996

Nov 06, 1996 08:24 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

Regarding the many problems we see played for us daily, the solution
based on the writings of the Mahatmas is on the www at:

Some thoughts:

> The next four years of divided government can go two ways,
> basically the Gingrich way or the Clinton way.

     The Gingcrich way, as those who wisely ignore the popular media
know, is the right way of sustainable solutions.  The Clinton way is the
way of centralized dictatorship.  The proof is found in their respective
legislative proposals.
     The governmental style emphasized by the Mahatmas is one of maximum
freedom (the opposite of Clinton's approach).

> Congress can
> attack the President at every opportunity

     Actually this was the strategy employed by the Democratic party
against Reagan and Speaker Gingrich.  The Republicans have by and large
avoided emphasizing Clinton's personal problems (like adultery) and
focussed on the fact that Clinton does believe in taking control of
people's daily lives and has no consistency is his statements and
actions.  Fortunately, to our credit as a nation, a majority of the
American people would prefer someone else for President.

> But they risk driving up their
> own negatives in the process, and should have learned something from the
> government shutdown.

     The negatives were driven up by falsehoods in the popular media,
over 80% of whose reporters do believe in centralized control over
peoples' lives.

> Or they can focus on trying to govern as
> centrists, to solve problems, to blur party distinctions, to be pragmatists
> rather than ideologues.

     This is what the Republican party has been doing all along --
focusing on the sustainable expression of principles which are favored
by the vast majority of people.  Please remember that the Republican
Congress kept its promises while Clinton's promises change daily.
Clinton's primary recent effort was to pretend to be whoever he had to
be in order to receive a margin of electoral victory.  He had to work
this way since his genuine effort to establish dictatorial control over
healthcare was defeated.

> Not having my crystal ball at hand, I can't
> predict the outcome.  But what I can predict is that if the polarization
> and confrontation option is chosen, public opinion will be
> strong opposed to it and the result will be to punish those
> perceived as least conciliatory.

     You are quite correct as to how perceptions work, the test for
humanity today and our crossroads is one of whether enough people can
see through the deceptions and adjust their perceptions in alignment
with truth so as to work for the solutions via economics and freedom as
described in the article linked above.

- Patrick
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