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Re: 1996

Nov 06, 1996 10:22 PM
by m.k. ramadoss


Politics is defined as the art of compromise. That is why a prophet could
not be politician.

In all matters that I consider "political" one  litmus test I use, is
"how does this help ordinary man/woman/child/other living
beings/environment?" As as Theosophist, I found this approach very easy
and practical.


On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, liesel f. deutsch wrote:

> Dear Patrick,
> Seems to me that trying to direct certain matters from DC is not
> dictatorship. It's just not what the Republicans believe in. This argument
> is as old as both parties, the Democrats believe in having federal laws &
> regulations; the Republicans believe in having all government done locally.
> I suggest that some of it is better done from DC, and some of it is better
> done locally.
> I don't know why people keep on harping on that Clinton changes his mind all
> the time. I find that a very smart way to maneuver. He has an idea, and one
> way of working it doesn't fly, so he tries another approach, and to some
> people it comes off as changing his mind. I think it's showing flexibility.
> Liesel

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