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Re: 1996

Nov 07, 1996 04:43 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> Seems to me that trying to direct certain matters from DC is not
> dictatorship.

     Quite right, however, the issue is as to which matters are to be
directed how.  Central gov't is only suited for the role of protecting
basic rights, all other matters are better directed more locally or
regionally.  For example, the health care takeover would have been
dictatorship and most of the beaurocratic systems today are just such.

> It's just not what the Republicans believe in. This argument
> is as old as both parties, the Democrats believe in having federal laws &
> regulations; the Republicans believe in having all government done locally.

     The general attitude today is that the role of government, i.e. the
use of coercive power in society, is only suited for the protection of
basic rights.  It is the use of coercive power to manipulate society
(since the 1850's in the U.S. -- mostly by regulation and taxation) that
has caused or perpetuated the problems we see today.  In a free system
naturally balanced societal processes evolve which would resolve the
problems we see today.

> I suggest that some of it is better done from DC, and some of it is better
> done locally.

     Indeed, and this is what the Repubican congress proposed to do as a
step in the right direction.

> I don't know why people keep on harping on that Clinton changes his mind all
> the time.

     Proposing a gov't takeover of health care and then saying that "the
era of big gov't is over"; promising a tax cut and then raising taxes;
vetoing welfare reform then signing it and saying that he will then undo
what he just signed, etc.  For central gov't authority consistency and
honesty are the most important qualities.

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