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Krish and Copulation

Nov 21, 1996 06:44 AM
by John Straughn writes:
>The older I get, the more I am convinced that chastity is a manifestation of
>profound mental illness.  If Krishnamurti got to make whoopee occassionally,
>well, good for him.  He deserved it.
>Chuck the Heretic

The act of sex is very uplifting.  I think most will agree with that.  But
more often than not, it is the consequences of the act which inhibit spiritual
growth, and not the act itself.  In Krishnamurti's case, the woman was
married, and the consequences of his alleged sex with her:  i.e. the angry
husband, the guilt, and (if it is true that the husband planned the seduction)
the anger toward himself (for not getting to know the woman a little better)
and toward the scheming husband ( for his deception ).  However, logically, I
would have to agree that there is nothing wrong with sex, as long as similar
consequences do not follow.  Often, the pleasure gained in one night can lead
to problems which can last for years.

The Triaist

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