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Re: Sex, Celibacy, & Chastity

Nov 21, 1996 06:48 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> "To deny sex is another form of brutality; it is there, it is a fact. When
> we are intellectual slaves, endlessly repeating what others have said, when
> we are following, obeying, imitating, then a whole avenue of life is closed;
> when action is merely a mechanical repetition and not a free movement, then
> there is no release; when there is this incessant urge to fulfil, to be,
> then we are emotionally thwarted, there is a blockage. So sex becomes the
> one issue which is our very own, which is not second-hand. And in the act of
> sex there is a forgetting of oneself, one's problems and one's fears. In
> that act there is no self at all."

     The purpose of sex, according to ALL of the Mahatma's writings is
to bring children into the world, and when natural cycles (generally
making love around the new moon) are followed the sex impulse is
automatically balanced.  The ideas in the quoted paragraph above are
very much askew from the Mahatma's writings on human psychology and
spiritual evolution.  The solution, given in esoteric psychology, to any
sex problems is to live a fully active and creative outer life of
service while following natural cycles.

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