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Nov 21, 1996 07:09 AM
by John Straughn

>After all a true Theosophist has as his/her motto "There is No Religion
>Higher than Truth" and all of us who are searching for Truth will have to
>find out for ourself, first hand, IMHO.
>MK Ramadoss

Agreed:)...I employ this same idea for myself, however i do sometimes forget
that this goes for everyone.  At times I find myself thinking that, because I
have found my own truths in this way, I can save others time, as well as
trials, by showing them what I have found.  Often I come across too forcibly,
and equally as often, I let my emotions get the best of me.  Particularly with
regards to Alan and some of his statements.  *laugh*  Perhaps it is good that
he inspires me so, but I fear that it may be at the expense of his own
emotions.  But now I'm getting off of the subject.  I'll write more on this
later.  Suddenly, it seems an appropriate topic.

The Triaist

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