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The Power of Gestrues - Mudras Comin at Ya

Nov 08, 1996 06:48 PM
by joseph k price

It seems that everyone is endowed with a certain unalienable need to gesture.
Could President CLinton run for office withour beguiling us with his body
language?  Dole was handicapped with his war injury, but he too never failed to
flail like a fish, snake, duck, rat etc.  I  for one am tired of people pointing
fingers and telling lies.  If you walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, you
are a duck!  But what is wrong with that?

I wish Neuro-linguistic programming, deaf sign language and Oprah WInfrey et all
didn't all come out of the same Actor's Studio enfer  red.  I get dizzy trying
to decipher a plethora of pretentious pointillisms to no real point.  I bet
there is some way to get this schmooze appeal on the internet.  Can you say,
ICON -no - graphy.  Check out those little pictures.  There a stereotypical
guides around the super-highway of your mind.  Oy vey, batman,  it's a hard
knock life when you are alway trying to dodge the implications of  really
interesting contours not to mention the Chiaroscuro.

Keith Price

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