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If your right eye offends thee, pluck it out!

Nov 08, 1996 07:36 PM
by joseph k price

And while we are one it, Blavatsky et al have always talked about the power of
breath, sound and the difference between the right and left hand, nostril, ear,
lung path.  Why do we have two eyes?  So we can see stereoscopically, in 3
dimenions with or without voyeristic intention.  If you can see those Magic Eye
pictures pop out at (or really in) you, you may realize that everything is not
always the same eye for an eye so to speak.

The eye of Horus had the power to cure and the evil eye is well know in those
hoodoo countries.  New advances in Eagle Eyewear can help uncover the truth that
was always playing just on the surface.

We are bipolar beings and the breakdown of the bicameral mind told of how
Odysessus really heard the gods guide him homeward (very slowly, one might add).
Perhaps one step backward is an eye spy forward in the evolution of
consciousness.  The eyes must separate and be rehealed on an astral level so as
to speed the perception of reality in parallell possibilites.   But eyes take on
a sinister slant when his eye is single.  Seeing double may be the only way to
go, but the Mayans favored cross-eyed and made their young girls achieve the
beauty of seeing the gods at close range.

To be in the presence of divinity is a fearful thing, and cannot be looked upon
directly.  The Gorgons gaze is best observed in the reflection of the shield.
The eye of Horus opens over or Within the pyramid to see the world of the Gods
that control our every gesture, expression and intonation.  Can you hear your
modem warble and scream and sigh?

Keith Price

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