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Re: to Mika Perala, re: a serious question

Nov 07, 1996 07:46 AM
by ramadoss

At 09:01 AM 11/7/96 -0500, Alan wrote:
>In message <Pine.BSD/>,
>"m.k. ramadoss" <> writes
>>Add my name to those who have been immensely benefitted from the various
>>writings of CWL, even though there may be many who are not.
>Add my name as well.  Although I have been instrumental in bringing
>details of the historical conflicts, claims and counter-claims that have
>occurred over the years, I have done so in the interest of truth, and in
>part to protest against the "establishment" attitude which appears to
>want to hide information about such matters - an attitude which can only
>serve to ensure that these matters are kept alive, and detractors of
>theosophical ideas get a huge bonus of "condemnatory" material.

        I appreciate your honest response - a mark of true T/theosophis.

>In my youth I was much taken with "First Principles of Theosophy" by
>Jinarajadasa.  Much of this work is a highly competent presentation of
>CWL's summary of theosophical teaching.  Some of its contents can be
>seen today as of doubtful accuracy (particularly material based upon the
>"Lives of Alcyone").  I have often urged over the years that this now
>very scarce work be reprinted, but understand from the Gen. Sec. of the
>TS in England that Adyar will not reprint it "because it contains a
>great many inaccuracies".  Although I would agree with our Gen. Sec., I
>would still like to see a reprint of this book.  As a genuine and
>sincerely held presentation of theosophical ideas, it still remains one
>of the best introductions I have ever read, and I commend its perusal to
>any serious student who is open-minded enough to reach his or her own
>conclusions. The TPH in India could easily add a new preface outlining
>the perceived areas of inaccuracy.

      I will not be surprised if someone like Health Research publishes this
material. If TS choses, it can make it available for free on Internet. If
the publication is already available in some electronic medium, the
effort/cost would be very negligible.

      I would share a very interesting anecdote. Two decades ago I took a
course on General Systems Theory. The course dealt with how one can take
holistic view of all systems and especially how one can account for the
interaction between multitude of systems that exist in nature and the kind
of problems one sees at the point of contact between systems. The course was
taught by a very well known professor in the USA. I loaned him CJ's book as
it was the only book I had with me at that time. The white anglo professor
grew-up in the Southwest in the traditional Baptist religious environment
and the book was an eye opener and was like lighting up a dark room in which
one has spent half his life and was thrilled. While he did not formally join
the TS, he was a practical humanitarian who helped everyone without any
discrimination - an achievement for a man who grew up in a segregated
southern environment.

      I feel that the book could do some good in spite of its shortfalls.

 also read some of CWL's works, which I found harder going at the time,
>but I am bound to acknowledge that without these two authors, together
>with many others, my interest in theosophical ideas, and later
>membership of the TS might never have taken place.  We all owe them a
>debt of gratitude, and if they had faults, then we too have our own
>faults.  If this were not the case, theosophical teachings would perhaps
>be unnecessary!
>Just for the record.


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