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Re: Sex and other stuff

Nov 22, 1996 09:05 PM
by M K Ramadoss wrote:
> K. said:
> >"To deny sex is another form of brutality; it is there, it is a fact. When
> >we are intellectual slaves, endlessly repeating what others have said, when
> >we are following, obeying, imitating, then a whole avenue of life is closed;
> Since what K. wrote is essentially true, why then did he find it necessary
> to "deny" his responsibility in his relationship with Rosalind?  Blaming it
> on her husband, or on the woman herself - that is definitely a form of
> "following, obeying, imitating," - geez, how many times have we heard that?
> Admitting responsiblity, then sensibly dealing with it, is far more
> courageous than the route K. seems to have chosen here when asked about this
> issue.  'Course, he seems to always get a bit perturbed when asked any kind
> of questions.  Anyway, his excuse/explanation of his sleeping with a married
> woman doesn't pass the smell test. . .

The whole issue of K's relationship with Rosalind came in print only
when Sloss (Rosalind's daughter) wrote the book.

There was protracted litigation between Krishnamurti's New Foundation
/Trustees /California Atty General vs Rajagopal and the trustees of the
old Krishnamurti Trusts which arose when Rajagopal who controlled the
old trusts refused to account for the money donated for K's work. During
the course of litigation, Rosalind and Rajagopal tried to blackmail K
saying that they are going to bring this issue into the case. Some of
K's statements came about on this issue when the litigation went on.


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