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Re: Sex and other stuff

Nov 23, 1996 04:25 AM
by M K Ramadoss

When TS was started and HPB and HSO were "selected", you will see that
they were not the "ideal" models acceptable to the standards of the day.
Even HSO admitted that he "was" a man of the world interested in bars
and women when he got interested in Theosophy. No one made much fuss
about his background at that time.

Both Sinnett and Hume with whom the correspondence took place were meat
eaters and probably drank liquor too. When Sinnett asked about
conversing with his correspondent through astral light, the response

"were he (Hume) even to give up feeding on animals would still feel a
craving for such a food, a craving over which he would have no control
and, -- the impediment would be the same in that case."

There is a parallel to what K stated when he discussed about the
celibacy of the religious monks and the craving inside.

My 2 cents worth.


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