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Re: K. and sex

Nov 23, 1996 03:55 AM
by M K Ramadoss

K did address the issues head-on in his talks more than once. The issue
became prominent when Sloss wrote the book and brought in public view
K's relationship with her mother Rosalind.

The latter(relationship) was discussed between K and the Trustees of KFA
during the litigation when Rajagopal repeatedly tried to use it to end
the law suit in progress.

During litigation, Rosalind wrote a letter to K to be read by him alone
and to be destroyed after reading. In that letter she did tell him that
the issue will be brought up in the litigation.

There is also a letter dictated by K but was not sent to Rajagopal
during the litigation. In that he specifically refers to a settlement
document that Rajagopal sent to K (which was hand carried from Rajagopal
to K by Mr. Bee, one of the trustees) in which K specifically refers to
the blackmail attempt to use this is issue. The issues under litigation
were self-dealing by trustees, dissipation of trust assets, failure of
defendants to carry out the charitable purposes of trust. The trustees
of the new KFA and Attorney General of California sued the old Trusts
and the Trustees.

Thanks to Sloss' book. Many more details of both the litigation as well
as many things that took place in K's life have coming out. Lutyens book
brings out a lot of details for the first time.

BTW, Mr. Bee mentioned above is currently on Boards of TSA and
Theosophical Investment Trust, I accidentally discovered this, some time

MK Ramadoss

PS: As Lutyens points out, is it reasonable for any one expect to K to
have gone out and brag about Rosalind being his mistress.

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