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Slam Dunks of Love - Kitty Litter

Nov 08, 1996 08:55 PM
by joseph k price

The popular arts are veritable mind field of spirituality.  One of my favorite
dixiebilly tune goes:

Well, it's all right and she's going strong
We gotta get right back to where we started from.

Love is cruel
Love can be kind
We gotta get right back to where we started from - Oh yeah

You get hurt, by the little things she does
You know she's only just begun

Well, it's all right and she's coming strong
We gotta get right back to where we started from.

Hindu sages can see the dance of Shakit - SIva in these simple lines where the
dark goddess Kali fed up with the fickle wickedness of man decides on Kremhild's
revenge and that's putting it mildly.  The only hope is to get back to the
moment BEFORE the big bang when the manifest world was just a wind in the dreamy
eyes of Vishnu's slumbering on the lotus serpent.

The Kiss of The Cobra Women is a real Spider's Stratgem fit for a Hitchcockian
denoument of the innocent man ever running through eon of incarnation and
reincarnation.  Always followed by the thought police of the religiously
Righteous.  Cary Grant, too,  always protested his innocence, but he was the man
who  knew too much, but couldn't make it save his son from the kidnapper's
cluthces.  Doris Day sang Que Sera - Que Sera as a bogus interlude.

So we pause for a look at all those little sweet nothings that mean so much in
the great scheme of things.  In fact, they seem to be the very fabric that holds
society together.  What would all those parted lips do if there were those
little fingers to blow a kiss or slam dunk a breath in through the hoop dreamed.
Kitty seems to have a lot of work in the litter.  Animal training, like
controlling the kids needs government survellance for abuse of "managed care".

And while we are on that little cookie, NIGHTLINE had an expose that everything
you say in confidence to your doctor and pschyological counsellors is interwoven
in you insurance files so that anybody on the internet with an little hack and
an handsaw can tell you your feelings better that you can get in touch with 911.

But how could we get along without all this glorious serving the
I love it.  You have too.

Keith Price

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