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Re: In the world but not of it

Nov 09, 1996 08:19 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Mika Perala wrote:
> I have later experienced something similar to that. It was when me and
> that same friend of mine were invited to summer cottage where some
> theosophists go every year. We had discussions of what is "real"
> theosophy and what is "real" theosophical work and why we should do it.
> Those theosophists were very strong personalities and afterwards me and
> my friend remembered the Krishna-movement and feelings we had and now we
> felt the same. It was like recruitment. It was manipulating.
> Now, I am not saying that this is "normal behaviour" among theosophists,
> it surely is not, but I remembered this when I read your quote about
> H.P.B. Same kind of attitude.

	At least my numerous experiences with Theosophists in India and
the US was different. I never felt such fundamentalism any time nor was
there any direct or indirect attempt to manipulate.

	Occassionally there will be isolated
cases of individuals who may have tried to coerce or try to recruit or

The reason why someone may act like that is very simple. They may have
been brought up, prior to being exposed to Theosophy, in an environment
where such pressure tactics are considered best in the best interests of
the person directed at. Having operated in such a mode for a long time,
it is very very difficult to make a 180 degree turn and adopt a totally
free uncoersive attitude and approach.(They say you cannot teach an old
dog new tricks).

What such actions demonstrate is
that they have not understood the fundamentals of Theo-Sophia, no matter
how long they have been members nor how high a position they may be
holding in the hierarchy  of an organization. (Never get fooled by
anyone's title, educational achievements nor anything that makes them
feel different or superior to anyone else).

What we can all do is
just send some good thoughts to help them open up their eyes and help
themselves to come out of (spiritual) blindness.

> And there is always something good in happenings like those too. At least
> I am now much stronger myself and not so easily manipulated. Hopefully I
> am also wiser not to manipulate myself.

	I am glad to see your comment. When you are able to stand "alone"
- not isolated - with your own understanding and be alert to any overt or
covert attempts to influence, none of these influencing techniques can
affect you.

My humble 2 cents worth.


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