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Re: THEOS-L digest 741

Nov 29, 1996 06:06 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

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> Subject: Re: Brotherhood again
> Don't get me started on the body parts.  For the gadzillionth time, this
> isn't a woman thing, it's an equality thing, a respect thing, a humanity
> thing.  And you know, when it is recognized as such, the word
> will be gone and replaced with something that truly emcompasses all of
> humanity. When something is perceived as a "woman thing" it's much easier
> ignore - which is why it's often used as a delay tactic.
This is one of best explanations I've seen on this list.

>From my own experience, there seem to be those who are sensitive to the
Aquarian energies that are coming in.  They begin to see the world in a
way and the way it will become.  Equality will apply to race, religion,
age, sex,
sexual orientation, etc.  For those fortunate/unfortunate enough to have
vision, they want to see that vision take form.  They are futurists that
pushing the envelope.  And those who don't see the vision and can't figure
out why things should change, are pushing back.  Their mindsets are being
uncomfortably joggled.  It's the birth pangs of a new age.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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