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Neurpathology, Kundalini and Psychic Phenomenon

Nov 30, 1996 08:57 AM
by Joseph K PricE

Some have expressed concern over the mood and grandiosity of my posts.  The
concern may be well placed and I must take it with a little humble pie and a lot
of salt over the shoulder.

It seems I have a virus infection coming out of the nerve endings.   Shingles is
the same virus as chicken pox in the young, but not as severe since I have
already had it and thus I also have some immunity.  It seem anybody can get a
reoccurence of this condition particullary after intense life stress.

Well, the puzzel  and driedel pieces are beginning to fit.  For instance when I
listen to music and get "goose bumps" I receive an electircal shock effect from
the irritated and infected nerve endings.  If I have almost any strong emtion
that when tend to be felt in the body also, I again get a feeling like "fire"
burning the irriated area.  I also feel it it my sinuses, ears, tooth that is
loose and joints to some extent.

I thought I was having a kundalini experience.  Oh shuckey-darn!  Well, I guess
I have to go back to the meditation mat another 20 years!  But it is an
interesting phenomenon in itself and I don't remember hearing it discussed
before.  It seems that if I have a strong reaction to something in my
environment, I can really feel it in my body before as "bliss or a love
connection" now more readily as nerve pain.  It stems from heightened nerve
activity due to pathogens and toxins in the body and near the synapses of the
neurons (certain toxic states like delirem tremens-alcoholic DTs and lead or
mecury poisoning probably have similar effects.  I am thinking of THE MADNESS OF
KING GEORGE among other historical accounts.)   Thus I felt that external things
were making me feel things when in reality it was just MY own heightened
sensitivity to things reflected back to me.  In other words, the energy was not
caused or effected by external things, but my internal reaction to external
things caused me to feel it in my body and project if outward as "strange
behavior" which probably did effect people ( any more and they might have put me

But still,  I would like to share that a little more has been going on.   For
instance, there are so many electrical devices and machines controlled by remote
control, infra red ligth wave, sound vibrations, heat  and who knows what else
that it is easy to affect, that is to cause a change in these machines like
being a conduit or "remote control device" of some kind.  We are constantl being
monitored by a VAST area of security devices and when these are activated, I bet
I for one can tell it SOME of the time due to my the irritablity of my nerve
endings (than again, maybe not, please don't send for the men with white coats

Thus I could feel energies in my body that most heathy people are unaware of.
As a side light, many HAVE noticed that the greatest creativity of many in the
19th century happened when they were in the throws of "consumption" or TB not to
mention syphyllis then called venereal disease after VENUS, somewhat  to chagrin
of that goddess, I am sure.

Anyway, I am "comforted" strangely indeed to know that I am not going crazy
EXACTLY, nor am I especially psychic or able to influence things at a distance,
but I am "intrigued" and that is putting it very mildly, but the idea that we
are all walking around in a see of radio and TV waves;   micorwave, X, and
cosmic raditation;   nuclear decompostion (in our water too, no doubt);   ultra
and infrared remote control light;   digital coding over modems and CDs;
cellular phone stuff, and again who knows what else.

Blessed are they they can worry about what Blavatsky had for breakfast in 1889.
I don't sleep very well all the time and the answer to such important question
leave me restless in Houston, waiting to exhale with a multiplicity that would
make the Nutty Professor long to be an English Patient.  (Looks like some good
movies are coming this Xmas)!


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