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Re: Kookie Neo-theosophy?

Nov 29, 1996 07:26 PM
by Joseph K PricE

Someone sent me Gregg Braden's video: AWAKENING TO ZERO POINT.  I won't belabor
relating the hole 4 hours but he makes some interesting points:

1.  the vibration of the planet including the rotation of the earth and the
magnetic fieds are changing so as to affect things like pulse rate, and other
physical bodily funtions, and mental functioning.
2.  Spiritual shifts are also being brought about by changes in the rotation and
magnetic fields of the sun and planets
3.  Relationship issues ( a big jump, but I salute him for this little discussed
area in hard core theosophy) are becoming a battle ground for past karma.  The
people I bring into my life are not just my karmic debtors, nor are they my
'mirrors' of what is inside me (though they are that too),  but they are what I
judge, they are the things I hold onto as unfinished business from past lives.
As I judge so am I judged by bringing people, situations and institutions into
my life that will play out the court room drama on my own private court TV
4.  He is somehow associated with the "MICHAEL" teachings- does this ring a bell
with anyone out there

5.  Much more talk about visitiors coming in - most recently on a Death Star
attached to the comet Hale-Bopp.

PS - by the way I found out that I have shingles which has really brought me
down, down, down and gives me a physcial clue as to why my nerves have been so
"raw" as of late

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