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Get risky!

Nov 03, 1996 05:26 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Art House
<> writes
>I know it's risky to ask questions like this on a list of Theosophy
>proponents, advocates, members, etc. (I throw myself in there
>somewhere). But doesn't it bother anyone else that this stuff happened?

Yes.  That's why you will find a HISTORY folder/directory on the URL
below!  It contains some of the historical published material of TS
conflicts, and recently I was able to add transcipts of some original
letters only recently discovered in England among the Yarker archive.
These were letters from Helen Dennis, who quit the E.S. and later the
T.S. over what is usually called "The Leadbeater Affair."  There is also
the text of CWL's "clairvoyant" description of life on Mars which was
later expunged by the official TS from vol. II of "The Inner Life"
without telling later purchasers that they were getting an "abridged" or
"amended" edition.  This makes some of us angry, as *they are still
doing it.*

When I say "some of us" I mean list subscribers.  TI members do not have
a corporate view on these things (or any such things for that matter)
and I would not want anyone to think that I speak for TI, or appear to
claim to do so.

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