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Re: perfected

Nov 29, 1996 11:07 PM
by John Straughn

liesel f. deutsch writes:
>> The Mahatma's are perfected human beings and understand all of our
>>> >true needs perfectly.
>Then what's the difference between the Mahatmas and the Pope? I don't see
>any, as depicted here.

I know the answer to this one!  Perfection and needs are relative.  IOW, what
is perfect to one is imperfect to another and the needs of another are
different than the needs of one.

The Triaist
If a = b and b = c, then a = c.  This also means that ab = bc = ac.  If you
put these letters together they spell abbcac.  Backwards they spell cacbba.
ca = cb = ba.  if c = a and c = b, then b = a.  United they are ineffeble.
Divided they are one.  (The former is not meant to be taken as a serious
philosophical statement.  It was simply an awful attempt at dry humour.)

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