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Re: Masters, letters, Washington

Nov 04, 1996 05:47 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> As to Peter Washington's book: Doss, it is untheosophical to
> make up stories about other people's motivations when you don't
> really know them, especially when they are demeaning.  In the
> absence of proof of your conjecture, I choose to assume he
> wrote it because he felt a creative impulse to do so and not
> for pecuniary gain.  Bart, you are dead on in saying that

Glad to see Paul's response. Washington, as the author of the book and
holding the copyrights to it, I am yet to see that he has not financially
benefitted from the book directly or indirectly. In view of this, I stand
by my assumption that pecuniary gain is to a small or large extent was
behind his writing his book. If any one has additional information on
this, I would welcome it. If anyone does not agree with my assumption,
that is ok with me. They are entitled to their opinion.


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