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Re: Mahatmas on Sex

Nov 27, 1996 04:22 PM
by Drpsionic

Good to see you back.  The way I see it it comes down to this.  Either this
is a wrong interpretation of something written to keep a bonkers victorian
happy (and you have to remember that as late as 1963 there were PSYCHOLOGISTS
who held this view) or the Mahatmas really believe it.  If the former, let's
forget the whole thing and go back to arguing over the wording of the first
object (which seems at times to be the sole purpose of this board).  If the
latter, then the Mahatmas are a pack of loons and best ignored in everything
else as well as this.
But there is something else that I thought up last night after I sent off my
diatribe.  considering the activities of Mrs. Besant in promoting birth
control, why would she have anything to do with a society that was
diametrically opposed to everything she believed?

Chuck the Heretic

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