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Mahatmas on Sex

Nov 27, 1996 06:11 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

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> Subject: THEOS-L digest 738
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Hi folks,

It's nice to return to theos-l when you are discussing
such interesting topics.
>      K.H. is still alive (physically present on our globe) I believe
> (perhaps using a different mayavirupa).

Bill Clinton?
>      Yes, there is,specifically on this topic.  The purpose of sex is to
> bring children into the world.

Why does this sound like something I heard in my Catholic girls'
high school?

One has to consider that males and females are infertile at various
times of their lives, yet still engage in sexual activity.  One can
only surmise that people view the act as something other than one
of procreation, or they would not be participating in the act when
they were unable to conceive.  It must have deep symbolic
meaning other than the chance of conception.

One wonders what significance sex has to animals.  Perhaps
their coupling is closer to the purist's view of sex equaling
reproduction.  Man is a more complicated creature.

>      The Mahatma's are perfected human beings and understand all of our
> true needs perfectly.

Don't they say something similar about the pope?
> ------------------------------
>      The Mahatma's writings (K.H., D.K., M., etc.) do not say that sex
> has any purpose other than procreation (and throughout the primary focus
> is on sex as an act of physical creation which is its purpose) -- also
> it is recognized that the current level of human evolution does
> necessitate for most (with karmically determined exceptions) cyclical
> sex for a healthy balanced life with the acceptance of the natural
> consequences (pregnancy) thereof.

How does the issue of overpopulation figure into this last sentence, not
to mention a whole host of other issues - including sterlization, family
planning, birth control?  If we accept the natural consequences, then
are we not bound to also support those people who have had more
children than they can feed?  Are we not also responsible to make
sure they receive a good education, so they will be productive

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
-Ann E. Bermingham

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