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Re: Mahatmas on Sex

Nov 27, 1996 05:52 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> issues - including sterlization, family
> planning, birth control?

     The difficulties implicit in these issues are a result of the
overstimulation of the emotional interests (mostly glamours) in sex,
rather than the physical need itself.

> If we accept the natural consequences, then
> are we not bound to also support those people who have had more
> children than they can feed?

     The planet could easily support 10-15 billion people.  The current
food distribution problems and the mass problems are a result mostly of
wrong economics and the gov't manipulation of trade systems.
(see )

     With the elimination of unequal taxation and an end to tariffs
these problems would resolve themselves today.  Also when the sex
impulse follows natural cycles (gradually as the glamours about it are
dissipitated) population distribution will be naturally balanced.

> Are we not also responsible to make
> sure they receive a good education, so they will be productive
> citizens?

     When there is the above mentioned economic freedom then the
educational process naturally evolves along lines described by M.
Montessori in local communities.

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