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New archive format for Theos-L in testing

Nov 03, 1996 12:51 PM
by John E. Mead

The Theos-L archives are now using a different file naming
method.  The new filenames have a format:

Each digest is now in a separate file. e.g. to retreive the digest
sent out on Nov. 2, 1996 (number 714) you would send a message
to containing the line:

get theos-l theos-l.961102.digest-714

The older digests are still in the previous format.  to retrieve a list
of filenames for the on-line Theos-L archives, send the line

index theos-l

The other lists have not been changed over.  I decided to try
it for a while on theos-L to see if anyone disliked the new format.

peace -
john e. m.
John E. Mead  <>
Member of TSA, and Theosophy International (TI).
Theos-L list owner;
(Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers;
Mathematics is impossible without consciousness.)

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