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Re: Campbell's motive

Nov 13, 1996 10:07 PM
by kymsmith

Paul wrote:

>>From personal experience and from friendship with Gregory
>Tillett, I have learned one valuable rule: never trust anything
>Theosophical officials (and their supporters) say about the intentions
>of authors whose books they dislike.

I just received the Winter 1996 Quest Magazine.  There I was, minding my own
business, reading with innocent heart the articles contained therein.  I
came upon the article "Buddhism and Henry Olcott," by John Algeo. It turned
out to be one of the most scathing book reviews I've read, if you looked at
it esoterically, of course.  But what impressed me the most was how John
Algeo said it all in such sweet, loving words - except for a few slippages
into evil, using such terms as "willy-nilly" when referring to some of the
author's conclusions (I think).

This book review, disguised as an article, took up five pages. Now maybe the
book (The White Buddhist) really is a horror to read, but enough that the
president delivers the fatal blows.  I thought every president had people
that did that for him, you know, for appearances and all, being objective,
and other happy stuff.  I don't think John Algeo is being kept busy enough
if he has time to write this kind of material and take up five pages of my
Quest Magazine.  And it was a really squishy defense of Olcott, which John
cleverly disguised as a biography.

There is nothing more disgusting than a Theosophist trying to tell someone
off in a Theosophical way.

There was also a picture of John Algeo.

That cleared up a lot of things. . .


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