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Re: Total commitment

Nov 24, 1996 01:25 AM
by Murray Stentiford

>A recent post on Medit-l .... gist was that you can't serve two Masters,
>and that any spiritual path requires whole-hearted and total
>commitment in order to really produce self-transformation.
>  [snip]
>I would welcome anyone's philosophical reflections on this
>issue, or personal comments, or description of how you perceive
>Theosophists generally in this regard and how it affects the

I would agree that whole-hearted and total commitment are required, though
they don't necessarily come all at once; I think you work up to them.

Perhaps the trick is in realizing that there ultimately is only one Master -
the inner teacher-essence - beyond individual names. Then you find it coming
out at you from virtually every pore of reality. Or from within - the
distinction blurs.

So have we transformed "Unity in Diversity" into "Monogamy in Polygamy"?

Better be careful!  As always.  :-)


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