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Re: Total commitment

Nov 24, 1996 10:42 AM
by Tim Maroney

>A recent post on Medit-l .... gist was that you can't serve two Masters,
>and that any spiritual path requires whole-hearted and total
>commitment in order to really produce self-transformation.
>I would welcome anyone's philosophical reflections on this
>issue, or personal comments, or description of how you perceive
>Theosophists generally in this regard and how it affects the

All three of the main modern occult traditions (Theosophy, with its
grandchild the New Age movement; the Golden Dawn, with its splinters such
as BOTA and Thelema; and witchcraft/nmeo-paganism, which derived from
both streams) were created by people who had studied far and wide,
drawing together numerous threads from the tapestry of diverse traditions
and weaving them into a new fabric. It would seem strange to me to think
that this activity was appropriate for the founders but not for the
inheritors of these traditions.

Tim Maroney

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