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Re: Total commitment

Nov 23, 1996 04:38 PM
by Drpsionic

An interesting problem.  As a Chaos Magician, my tendency is to towards the
eclectic.  As a Theosophist (albeit a very bad one) this reinforced.  After
all, we are encouraged in  to study as many different paths as possible and
(are some folks gonna change color over this) Theosophy itself is a mishmash
of different spiritual paths all blended together.  So a total commitment to
one way of doing things is anathema to my nature.
On the other hand, there is something to be said for finding a single path
and sticking with it through fire and flood.  The problem with that is that
produces people of singular intolerance and fanaticism, leaving me to often
feel that those who are commited probably should be.
That was probably what John Algeo had in mind when he started his Olcott
Institute, the  commited Theosophists could be institutionalized and
certified. :-)
Personally I find 100 per centers generally boring after a while and their
only redeeming virtue is that they sputter nicely when someone not only
disagrees with them but doesn't care what their guru thinks about anything.

Chuck the Heretic

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