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Re: serious question

Nov 07, 1996 08:41 PM
by Mika Perala

Liesel wrote:

>         Dear Mika,
> I know how you feel about Leadbeater, because all that hate mongering
> something to my memory of him too. But let me tell you that I think
>most of
> the Adyar membership continues to think highly of CWL.

Yes, at least here in Finland they mostly do.

>Besides that, I know
> of 3 of his pupils who insist that he was no such thing. There are
> from them in writing, and I've heard one of them say so, and I've seen
> of the records. They think of him as an initiate.

What does it actually mean when someone is said to be an "initiate"?

>These 3 were being trained
> by CWL when they were 10 and 11 years old. They lived in the same house
> CWL. The mother of these children was clairvoyant. She could read
>auras. She
> would never have entrusted her children , whom she loved, to a man who
> something sinister in his aura. I know there's testimony to the
> But I heard it from the horse's mouth. I hope you can believe that, or
> least give it some weight.

I am glad that you told me this. It gives it some weight indeed and after
all I was not there. I can only read about those things.

Still, it is very hard for me to understand the "Star of the
East"-business. For me it looks like they were going to start a new
religion and nominate themselves as the "Apostoles". IMO, it is
indication of some lack of discrimination. And it is more harder for me
to believe that Adepts would have been behind all that and that
Krishnamurti was some kind of betrayer (when he dissolved the whole
thing) like some theosophists have suggested(not on this list).

and then
m.k.ramadoss wrote:

> Liesel:
> Add my name to those who have been immensely benefitted from the various
> writings of CWL, even though there may be many who are not.

I admit that some of his books have been beneficial for me too but some
are just waste of time reading(_for me_ anyway). Lives of Alcyone is a
good example of the latter. Theosophical soap opera... 8)

> As a matter of historical record, during the time when the accusations
> against CWL was its height and there was almost a rebellious situation
> a National Convention (I believe in Australia), Krishnaji stood up for
> him and his address to the Convention satisfied the membership at the
> convention. Knowing the integrity of Krishnaji, this speaks for itself.
> think this piece may be of interest to some on this list.

Thank you for telling this. Don`t remember if I had heard about this
before. Or then I have just ignored it...

And Alan said:

> I also read some of CWL's works, which I found harder going at the time,
> but I am bound to acknowledge that without these two authors, together
> with many others, my interest in theosophical ideas, and later
> membership of the TS might never have taken place.  We all owe them a
> debt of gratitude, and if they had faults, then we too have our own
> faults.  If this were not the case, theosophical teachings would perhaps
> be unnecessary!
> Just for the record.
> Alan

And this made the record sound much better!! 8)

There is no theosophical society higher than truth.

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