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Re: re: Memes and molecular machines

Nov 28, 1996 02:05 PM
by Joseph K PricE

Message text written by BC Crandall
>While I
>think its great to investigate the relationship between the material world
>and the inner world of our consciousness and even our emotional states, I
>feel we need to have a much stronger hold on faith and the spiritual reality
>before we can make any real breakthroughs i<

Keith;  I would like to breifly respond to the very important insight that
emotion or attitude has everything to do with getting results rather than
information (detached rational "scientific" attitude:

We are told in various religious sources to approach the Holy Spirit with:

1. awe
2. "fear"  intense emotion combined with respect for one's Parent or superiour
3. struggle -  Israel means he who stuggle with God
4. love and receptivity
5. humility - I am an imperfect vessel unworhty of the infilling enery and
warmth of my one true source - yet I ask for grace and blessing to do YOUR will
Heavenly  Spirit

Keith (not JOseph)

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