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Re: Historical Info.

Nov 27, 1996 04:42 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>In the recent issue of The Krotonian, there is a short summary
>of the history behind Krotona.
>There was a time when both Krotona Institute and the National
>Headquarters of TSA were in Hollywood in one place. In 1924, the
>property was sold and an equitable division of assets were
>agreed upon between ES and TSA. Later Wheton property was
>purchased and Olcott was established an National HQ of TSA.
>Would any historian throw some light on the background info to
>the above. Could it be that the national HQ may have been
>located Ojai instead of Wheaton? Why of all locations Wheaton
>was preferred and purchased?

Until about 1924 the American ES and Headquarters of the American
Section were housed in the Hollywood hills on Vista del Mar--Just
off of Beachwood Drive, below the famous "Hollywood" sign.  The
headquarters was called "Krotona," the same name as the present
community in Ojai.  There was a very nasty rift (i.e. another one
of those good ol' theosophical power struggles) between the T.S.
and E.S.  Since the two factions were unable to come to terms,
they agreed to sell the property in Hollywood and divide the
assets.  Through A.P. Warrington, the E.S. used their money to
buy the property in Ojai and re-established their E.S. community
in 1926.  The story I was told concerning the selection of the
Wheaton site was that Annie Besant chose the site because it had
an exceptional aura (whatever that is supposed to mean).  The
National headquarters were never in Ojai.  They were in New York
under Judge.  Under Weller van Hook (or perhaps Fullerton--I
don't recall at the moment), they moved to Chicago.  Around 1912
headquarters were constructed in Hollywood and the headquarters
were moved there.  In 1924, they temporarily moved back to
Chicago, then to Wheaton in 1926 upon completion of the present
      Many of the buildings from the Krotona Hollywood days are
still standing.  The Headquarters building is now (last time I
checked) an apartment building.

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