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Re: HPB and Besant's approval

Nov 02, 1996 12:40 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>>      Knowing the personalities of HPB and Besant, I totally agree with
>>you. If there was even a hint of male superiority, they would not have
>>put up with.
>Kym flips after reading it:
>Really?!  It may have been more of an issue of prioritizing.  One must know
>what battle to fight when.  HPB and Besant were in the middle of trying to
>firmly establish Theosophy in a time period that was less than welcoming.
>They had to use words that spoke to the people of that time.  We don't know,
>not having been privy to private conversations with the two women, whether
>they did or did not feel the word was guilty of exclusion.  I do know that
>they "put up" with a lot of stuff they didn't like (per biographies), but
>that doesn't mean they approved.

My grandmother had an outside earth closet.  Only rainwater, no mains.
Gaslight but no electricity.  I got to use all three when I was small.
She knew about piped water and electric light and water closets, 'cos
our family had these.  If she'd lived a bit nearer, I know which "ladies
room" she would have preferred.  She didn't, so she put up with what she
had.  My mother, her daughter, had moved on, along with me and my
father.  It's all part (it says here) of "God's plan, which is
evolution." (Quote from forgotten TS source, citation not immediately to
hand).  Evolution means moving on.  So what am I saying?  That
"brotherhood" as used by the TS today is an earth closet, that's what I
am saying.

My grandfather used to have to empty the s... from his one every day.  A
good example to us all, he was.  He also wandered around lost for a time
in no-man's-land during the first world war in France.  He was in the
medical corps, and treated any wounded he found - English, French,
German - without distinction of race or creed.  Think I read something
like that somewhere ....

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