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Mahatma Letters

Nov 07, 1996 11:18 AM
by Michael

To Daniel Calwell:
I am prepared to accept that the handwriting experts did not see any
correspondence between HPB and the Mahatma's handwriting (although they
seem to have written in different script even within one message (chela's,
no doubt!).
Then we can go one step further and ask ourselves may these letters be
compared with spiritualistic automatic writing (read the Shephard's
Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology on this point)such as those of
Stainton Moses, Mrs.Piper, Geraldine Cummins, and Jane Roberts? Or in other
words do we have to accept for truth everything that is being channeled on
the authority of the entities, whoever they may be? (Unless HPB wrote them

"No, of course not", most Theosophists will exclaim. We are to examine and
study its contents and then come to a decision.
Well, in that respect a lot has already been disproven by advances in
scientific research. Their ethical/spiritual content almost everyone agrees on.
But how are we to judge whether such concepts  as Atman, Manas, Buddhi,
manvantara, globes, rounds, races, karma, reincarnation etc etc represent
the truth?
Undoubtedly if we were to possess higher means of comprehension we would
look back on our presentday speculations as we now look back on mediaval
superstition at worst, or at best that we missed the point completely.
Forgivably against the background of the limited frame of reference in the
20th century.

Finally, don't ask me for evidence or examples, I do not have the time to
dig up everything said by the various correspondents/authors, better
qualified, in these newsgroups and in literature. I am sure Daniel knows
them quite well.
Thus, it is my opinion based on literature I have read so far. If Daniel
Caldwell has come to a different conclusion, I respect it.
Much of the outcome IMHO depends on how much one is emotionally attached to
the Theosophic belief-system.  I compare it to Christian fundamentalists who
argue endlessly about "God's Word" in their newsgroups and will never yield
an inch, whatever argument.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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